On this episode Zane Foster (Director of Business Development – Enovate Upstream) joins us and we start off the episode with a story from when he hit the road on a personal road trip before he began his career and had a pretty interesting experience which sets the tone for this guest: treat people with kindness as you never know what someone is going through. We then get into his previous roles, and how he took a gamble and left a comfortable, well established company role to pursue a role to grow a startup software company during the middle of a pandemic and making the decision to take the new role on the day oil went to -$37/bbl. We discuss his tactics and strategy in sales during these times, which is it’s not just relationships (they won’t fix anything should things go wrong) it also hinges on performance. How technology is here to stay in the O&G community and much more. Really enjoyed sitting with Zane and hearing his unique, grounded and wholistic outlook. Great conversation!