Very excited to release this episode with Kyle Wagner (Engineer / Author). We met up in his office in Fort Worth and recorded this remotely, where we discussed his oilfield career and how, after his wife’s life-threatening car accident, he decided to pivot companies and begin working at his family’s O&G company. We then discussed how he began to write children’s books pertaining to the oilfield and agriculture communities, which the proceeds of the books go to various industry-specific charities and families in need. I truly enjoyed hearing his message and story about treating people with kindness and the new #kindnessduck project he’s promoting that is attempting to spread kindness one rubber ducky at a time. Just an unbelievable character with a great story and passion for his family, his community and everyone else out there. Definitely check out his books (link below) as they are a great addition to your children’s library, or make great gifts (plus the purchase goes to some great causes). One thing is for sure: he is carving his own path as an industry advocate.