On this episode Riley Norris (Technical Sales – Patriot Drilling Services / Brand Ambassador for Socorro Tequila / Founder of Bolt&Barrel Oil) joins us and we dive into his background in oil and gas and his first visit to the rig. We then dive into something that I find extremely interesting: hopping on opportunities for a secondary source of income. What’s fascinating about Riley’s story is that the products he represents are something he found interesting, pursued, and created an opportunity. Aside from representing Patriot Drilling Services (Directional and MWD), he began to speak to Graphene, a  component with many applications and how he launched Bolt&Barrel Oil, a Graphene-infused lubricant which has been well received. An additional source of income, which ties into one of his hobbies is representing Socorro Tequila to Houston and the surrounding markets. Socorro preaches “Drink Tequila, Help Others” as the brand runs the “Case for a Case” program which donates bottled water to orphanages in Jalisco for every case of tequila exported from Mexico. He figured if he had the time, might as well stay busy! Great chatting with Riley and love his hustle!