On this episode Bryson Varner (Account Manager / Technical Sales – Cathedral Energy Services) joins us and we dive into his upbringing and various jobs had growing up, and seeing a buddies garage motivated him to get into the oil industry. We discussed his critter videos on LinkedIn and how they began as well as some hilarious stories on some outtakes for them. Bryson then discusses what success means to him and how to measure it (not measured monetary). He discusses why getting involved in people’s lives who are less fortunate than him drives him as he wants to help others and make the world a better place. We discuss the true sport of noodling and the purity of the sport. After we shut off the mic, we decided to fire it back up as we discuss some hilarious bets with his buddy’s at their hunting camp. I really enjoyed chatting with Bryson and hearing his positive attitude (even when life sometimes seem difficult), as well as his passion for helping others. What an all around great guy and conversationalist with an unbelievable outlook. Thanks for your time Bryson and look forward to chatting with you again!