On this episode Alex Goodwin (Director – Sales & Marketing at Vertice Oil Tools) stops by and we dive into his background and how he got into the oil and gas industry (with some motivation from his twin brother who is also in the industry). We discuss his first several positions and what he learned by just going to location, then his drive to learn everything going on downhole helped propel him throughout his early career. From traveling the world and dealing with International Contracts, to selling rigs which taught him negotiation skills, he decided to join Vertice before there was even a product to market. Through customer relationships and conversations he is able to gauge what’s relevant and effective in the market today. Without his finger on the pulse Vertice would not be able to deliver a product to market that the end user wants, and this is done through his relationships. We discuss the differences he’s seen between the 2014 and the 2020 bust. Great conversation with Alex and really appreciate him stopping by!