On this episode Brett Chell (President/CEO at Cold Bore Technologies) joins us from his living room in Calgary with his dogs Frankenstein and Dracula. Brett has an extremely interesting story how he went from majoring in Art while in college to working on rigs for 8 years after college. From there he understood if he wanted to start any company in his future, he would have to learn about the financial side of the business. So he hoped in a role where he would source capital (P.E.’s, banks, etc.), even if he felt it was over his head, he knew he wanted to learn that side of the business, only way to do that was jump in and figure it out. We discussed how his first business hit a wall when the 2015 downturn hit, but then he pivoted from drilling to completions where he is shifting the paradigm in how we frac in the past vs how we’ll frac in the future (autonomous, efficient, safe, and real time). He is a creative, motivated, down-to-earth go getter who deems himself as “unemployable”…which may just be the key to his success. Thank you for taking the time Brett, and wish you and your team success!