On this episode Tommy Balez (VP – Sales & Marketing at NexTier Oilfield Solution) joins us. We dive into his background and how he went from an electrical engineer at Texas A&M to joining the oil and gas industry in 2002. Throughout his career he has been in various operations and sales roles, with his belief that the key to success is never being afraid to take on a new challenge. Tommy discusses his most recent challenge of being promoted to the VP of Sales and Marketing in the middle of a pandemic and the challenges and opportunities that offers. We discuss the strategies he utilizes for succeeding in a down market and how he connects with customers in a targeted marketing approach. We also discuss how ESG went from a simple slide in a January company update to a main focal point of his marketing efforts. Tommy discusses the role of technology in the new oilfield and how his company is integrating technology to make their customers jobs easier and more efficient. We then discuss how Tommy holds an elected position in Cypress as the President of the Cy Fair Fire Department. I enjoyed hearing his take on campaigning and how, like the oilfield, technology is being utilized more and more to target specific people with unique messaging. Great story and great message from Tommy. Thanks for chatting with us Tommy!