On this episode Andrew Coronado (US Account Manager – Derrick Corporation) joins us and we get kicked off on how he went from going to college to study music in hopes to be a rock star, to getting in the oilfield by a chance conversation with a neighbor one Sunday after church. We get into his career path and how he went from working in the field with a pressure washer and running parts to getting a role at Derrick Corporation and eventually moving into his current role during the middle of a pandemic. Really enjoyed his perspective as instead of viewing jumping into sales in the middle of low activity as a challenge, he is viewing it as an opportunity. He discusses how in a market that seems to focus solely on price, how he can be competitive even when their services/equipment are not low price. We then get into his car collection hobby and how the same hobby he shared with his dad, he can look forward to sharing the same hobbies with his son. Really enjoyed speaking with him and his optimism in a current pessimistic environment. #oilandgaspodcast #energypodcast #careerdevelopment