On this episode Robert Butler and Ondrej Sestak (Founders – Redbone Resources) joins us to discuss their new venture: Redbone Resources. We start off with their background and what brought them into the oil and gas industry, one was an EagleFord background and the other with an Eastern Europe/California background and how they met to form Redbone Resources. We discuss the challenges and opportunities they face when forming a startup oil and gas company during the middle of a pandemic. They discuss how they are in it for the long haul and how networking, relationships, and having a good reputation is what they can control in this market which is their focus, and not to focus on the external factors that are out of their control.  They discuss their networking strategy as well as looking at other opportunities including international opportunities. Enjoyed this one and looking forward to see what Redbone Resources will evolve to! #startup #oilandgaspodcast #oilandgas