On this episode we have Martin Pitts (Sales at Jack Pitts Consulting) come in, kick his feet up, and open up about how he got into the oilfield to how customer service/support is something he prides himself on with the thought of if he wouldn’t be happy with the service then it’s not good enough for his customers. Martin discusses how his sales strategy is different from his fathers as well as how it’s changed in the last few months, and where he sees the biggest bang for his buck when it comes to getting in front of customers. From there we go into everything from custom boots, cowboying, bringing back the Tuesday Oilfield HH nights, his Paige Parker modeling days, to him working along side of Bill Murray and more. Martin gives us some detail on the API Team Roping event that he helps organize every year. Really enjoyed this one Martin, thanks for the banter! Till next time! #oilfield #sales #oilandgas