On this episode of Round the Rotary, Justin Findley (EVP/COO FESCO) joins us and discussed the long history of FESCO and how it started in 1949 with his grandfather building the first FESCO truck while living in his friends basement. From there, FESCO has taken off with a great reputation of “doing what’s right” as well as building loyal teams. The company has always taken pride in how they are defined by their culture and their families (often employing generations of families). Justin discusses the direction he wants FESCO to take, while remaining true to their roots: providing best service for the customers as well as maintaining the family culture of FESCO. He discusses with us the decisions that have been made to propel FESCO to not only survive but thrive during and after these current market conditions….”Take action, be disciplined and take care of yourself” is what he leaves us with.