On this episode of Round the Rotary, Josh Hegg (Reservoir Engineer Manager: Permian Basin/Eagle Ford for Noble Energy) visits with us and tells us how he went from playing baseball at New Mexico State as a Chemical Engineer to switching to Colorado School of Mines and going after his Petroleum Engineer degree. He discusses what brought him to focus on his strengths and pick Reservoir Engineer as his main focus as it provided him with the big picture of operations. He goes into how his mentors in his previous roles has shaped him and challenged him to be where he is at today. He also discusses how being a mentor and lifting your team up and showcasing their work over his has helped his team achieve the results he strives for. He’s excited for the future of the Oil & Gas industry and believes technology will drastically reshape to how we operate in our industry. He leaves us with the advice: focus on what you can control and stay active and utilize available tools to help you stay on top of your game.