On this episode Jonathan Brignac (VP – Business Development at Edge Gathering Virtual Pipeline) joins us and gives us background on how he’s always wanted to be in sales since he was a child watching his two grandfathers in sales. Jonathan dives into his previous roles and the challenges and successes he has had in his previous roles (from being fresh out of college, to building a team, to restructuring, to betting on himself in his latest endeavor). One thing is certain is that throughout his past his mentors have set him up for success, which is why Jonathan takes such focus on mentoring others as he believes in giving back to our industry. He then discusses his current role at Edge and the benefits of utilizing their technology for companies ESG efforts, in that Edge can 1) reduce flaring and 2) cut cost by displacing diesel on location. We then get into the current market environment and the changes in the oilfield since March. He leaves us with his favorite quote: “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” (Winston Churchill).