On this episode we have our first oilfield/coffee connoisseur John “JD” Smith (Founder/CEO of Cuevas Coffee) in the studio where we have a chat over a cup or two of his very own coffee “Cuevas Coffee”.  The first half of the podcast we dive into his background and how he got into the oilfield. We discuss how his work ethic and wanting to be one of the “bottom 5 in the room” helped him learn and grow his knowledge and understanding of the oilfield. We then go through various roles he did in the oilfield, which ended up leading him to an opportunity to purchase a coffee farm in Bolivia and begin building a coffee roasting company. He decided to pursue his passion, even when he didn’t even understand or know the entire process of what that looks like. He dove in and is focused on building the brand, understanding and improving the roasting operations to providing the market with a delicious and high quality coffee. It was great hearing how his previous oilfield skills he learned have transferred over into his new role of roasting the perfect cup of coffee. Enjoyed it and loved hearing how he decided to follow his passion!