On this episode Jason Stewart (Technical Sales Manager – Completions, Liner Hangers, Cementation and Reservoir Monitoring at Weatherford) joins us and gives his background and how he landed in the oilfield after various sales jobs in different industries. He goes into each of his roles taking him from Haynesville, North Dakota, Colorado, Midland to Houston. Jason explains how he utilized the resources that were available to him to position himself to get a manager role. Jason then discusses what he is looking for in his team, as well as how he strives to help his team succeed. He gives us the advice to focus on what you can control: effort and attitude, and not to get bogged down in the negativity surrounding you. We then discuss what our industry can improve on: being strong and positive advocates for the oil and gas industry. That is done by winning the hearts and minds, listening, communicating effectively and appealing to the emotional side of people. He leaves us with: just say yes and take a chance if faced with any career challenges.