On this episode, Jamie Elrod (Kaleh) and Massiel Diez (Founders/Hosts Flipping The Barrel Podcast) join us to discuss “personal branding” (digital branding) in today’s market. We discuss how personal branding has evolved, with covid and quarantine accelerating its importance. Jamie and Massiel give guidance and advice for those wanting to start to build their brand as well as taking the steps to “jump” into it. They tell their story on how their online presence lead to their relationship and the success of their platform today. One thing is for sure: digital personal branding is here to stay, and they give great advice on how to begin to build your own. #newepisode #oilandgaspodcast #newpodcast #podcasthost #digitalbranding #personalbranding #flippingthebarrel #oilandgas #conversations #oilandgasindustry #branding #oilfieldfamily