On this episode Greg Doughtie (Market Development Manager) and Jorge Quiroz (Applications Engineer) with Cougar Drilling Solutions join us to chat about growing a company in the market we are in. Jorge starts us off with his experience growing up in Venezuela, then starting in the oilfield in the US that brought him to Bakersfield, Alaska, Midland then to Denver. He then made the jump from a large company to a smaller company at Cougar, then realizing a need where he can help out in sales & marketing he presented it and a role was created for him. Greg, who grew up in Houston decided to get into the oilfield to keep his apartment with his then girlfriend. After getting into sales, he realized that his opportunity to learn the most was sitting jobs and asking questions on location across South Texas and California. Flash forward he’s been at Cougar for 7 years building the company and the team. We chatted about the shift in marketing that occurred since March 2020, and how they execute it during these times. Great chat with these two and looking forward to their success!