On this episode¬†Ethan Etzel(CEO –¬†Royal Frac Plugs) joins us to discuss how he got into the oil and gas industry after switching focuses from medical, to business to mechanical engineering. After several years doing various roles, he met his business partner and formed his current company. Ethan discusses how their company was able to adapt and pivot quickly during these times while maintaining their QA/QC. He gives a pretty optimistic stance on the oil and gas industry as it relates to renewables. We discuss how during these times it’s important to take care of your mental health by: getting outside, unplugging from social media and the news, touching base with friends, separating work and personal life. His goal is to eventually go on a cell phone smashing spree as everyone is now addicted to them and he’s tired of how things are progressing. Be dynamic with your expectations and unplug from the noise.