On this episode we have Tyler Gillam (D&C Engineer at Terra Energy Partners) and Donne Davis (Business Development at Stryker Directional) come in and talk about their background and how they both started off in directional together. We speak with Donnie about how he got into sales only 3 – 4 months ago in the middle of a pandemic and what challenges he is facing and how he is overcoming them (through creative content to customers, creating memes as a way to reach his audience, utilizing social media platforms, etc.). Tyler discusses how he went from the service side to the operator side, as well as his approach to work and how he can add value by trying out new strategies when it comes to handling his operations. Tyler asks the question: Can you do more with less during these times? We then dive into how they have been spending their time since March, to ranting about the current environment with Covid, little things we miss about the industry and more.