On this episode Colten Bingham (Drilling Engineer/one way ticket purchaser) joins us and we decide to move away from O&G conversations and get into the reason why he was asked to come on the show: his insane traveling stories throughout South America all the way to heading to Tibet to try and climb Everest during the middle of winter. From Abu Dhabi sitting rigs, to purchasing a one way ticket to South America where he traveled throughout the country in his closest colleague: “Juan Sanchez”…a thrown together mini van, when brakes don’t work you better open the doors to create some drag. We discuss how when in a bar in South America and someone brings in a portable tattoo machine, might as well get a tattoo! We then discuss his trip to Tibet in the middle of winter to visit Mount Everest and the experience there. He leaves us with a safety moment of how not to get stuck in a port-a-potty in the Middle East during the summer months. Amazing conversation, looking forward to having him on again to get into some more of his stories. This guy should write a book!